Kinky outdoor pictorial showcases Lindsay’s perfect body

June 5th, 2008

Lindsay Lohan has certainly gone a long way from her “Parent Trap” days. Nobody can truly say who’s to blame for her self-destructive ways but fans are happy nowadays because she seems to be recovering from her rehab stint and behaving properly and staying sober. And with these outdoor photos, you can see that indeed, she has gone back to her voluptuous, pre-rehab days and is well on her way to being hot again! She’s showing off her big boobs and firm, round ass in this steamy pictorial.

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Lindsay in some very hardcore photos available here

June 5th, 2008

Have you ever wondered how Lindsay looks like while she’s having sex? I bet you imagined her looking so gorgeous and delicious while fucking didn’t you? Well, of course she’d look really yummy while doing the deed. She’s drop-dead gorgeous even with clothes on and more desirable without them. And if you see how she looks like while fucking, you’ll wish you were the one thrusting your pathetic little dick into her magnificent pussy. As seen in these photos below, she’s downright yummy while getting fucked from behind. And she even has some photos of her gaping wide pussy after having sex! And check out the pic showing her playing with her pussy using a big vibrator. Now that’s how kinky she really is! Click the link for more naked photos and homemade porn of this voluptuous babe!

Lindsay Lohan proves that she’s still the hottest piece of ass in Hollywood

June 4th, 2008

Lindsay haters will definitely shut up with these sexy pictures of her. The losers who keep saying that she’s fat or thin or whatever will also be stunned with the couple of pictures we have here. Just check out her ass and decide if Lindsay is indeed fat. I’d say she’s P.H.A.T. – perfectly hot and tasty. I’d love to tap that ass and would gladly pick her even if I were given the choice to pick between her and all the riches in the world. Who wouldn’t after seeing this pictures and confirming that she’s the hottest piece of ass in Hollywood today. Click the photos for the full version or click here if you want more fantastic ass shots from our favorite busty babe!